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Ryobi A99HT2 Door Hinge Installation Kit/Mortiser Template Bundled with Ryobi A99DLK4

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  • 2 ITEMS INCLUDED – Ryobi Door Hinge Installation Kit and Ryobi Wood/Metal Door Lock Kit.
  • HINGE KIT - 3 INCLUDED BITS WITH BUILT IN STORAGE (carbide hinge tip router bit, 1/8” bronze oxide drill bit, PH2/8-10SL double-ended screwdriver bit) for routers and screwdrivers, so you can get to work on renovating your home right out of the package
  • HINGE KIT - CLAMPS TO STANDARD DOORS thanks to the integrated screw in the clamp that will let this tool fit standard door thicknesses
  • LOCK KIT - INSTALL LOCKS! NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! This kit includes hardware needed to install most standard locks and deadbolts. No prior knowledge is necessary! Just set, drill, and install! (drill not included)
  • LOCK KIT - EASY, CLEAN-CUT HOLES are easily achievable with this kit thanks to the included saws! The template allows maximum stability for accuracy (1x 2-1/8-inch Cross Bore Hole Saw, 1x 1-inch Latch Bore Hole Saw)