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Milwaukee 49-22-4073 Polycarbonate 1-3/8" - 1-3/4" Door Lock and Deadbolt Installation Kit with Included Hole Saw, Auto-Centering Guide and Non-Slip Clamp (Drill / Driver Not Included)

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Save yourself time on your next door lock installation. Use the Milwaukee 49-22-4073 kit. It has most everything you would need to cut clean holes in preparation for your locks and deadbolts. It’s an all-in-one template that can be installed in seconds. Instead of using fasteners like screws to keep the template on, like some other systems, this one utilizes a clamp. This prevents you from marring your work surface and gives you perfect alignment for centered holes. This will work with almost any 1 3/8" or 1 3/4“ doors. With the included saw blades and arbor bits, there is nothing extra you need to pick up, save for a drill / driver to put it all together. These saw blades are made of carbide coated teeth backed by reinforced steel to prevent wobble so you can get a clean cut every time. Cut into your door, and clear the accumulated plug out in seconds when you’re finished. With this 49-22-4073 kit from Milwaukee, you’ll be able to work on dozens of doors throughout the workday with ease.