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Milwaukee 49-22-0175 8-Piece Universal Quik-Lok Flat Boring Spade Bit Set w/ Carrying Case

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On a construction job, you’re likely going to bore holes for a variety of fasteners or joinery applications. Drill the best holes with this Milwaukee spade bit set. This kit, the 49-22-0175, includes 8 pieces. There are 7 spade bits, ranging from 3/8" to 1-1/8", and a Quik Lok connector. The spade bits from Milwaukee are some top-of-the-line hole boring accessories. They have patented cutting-edge designs built for heat reduction and chip clearing. The special cutting edge, coupled with the double-winged spurs on the tips, allows you to bite into your woods for the fastest, cleanest holes possible. Couple these with the Quik Lok hex connector. This allows you to make fast bit changes for nearly any 1/4" hex-shanked bit, saving you the extra work of tightening or loosening your drill collet, which saves you time on the job site. These pieces are stored together in a robust polycarbonate container. The case has molded compartments for each of the bits and keeps them packed tight with a sliding lock. No matter the job site, if you need to bore holes, choose the best. Choose Milwaukee.