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Milwaukee 48-01-6036 9 in. 5 Teeth per in. Wood Cutting SAWZALL Reciprocating Saw Blades

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Maximize Your Cutting Potential with Milwaukee Sawzall Blades

Experience the ultimate cutting solution with the Milwaukee 48-01-6036 Sawzall Blades. Designed for both speed and precision, these blades are a game-changer in woodworking and metal cutting. The MILWAUKEE NAIL GUARD™ ensures longevity, while the FANG TIP™ design allows for quick plunge cuts. Perfect for a range of materials, from wood to stainless steel, these blades redefine efficiency. For more versatile cutting options, consider our Milwaukee 49-22-1110 U 10 Pc Sawzall Blade Kit.

Frequently Asked Questions For Milwaukee 48-01-6036 Metal Sawzall Blades 


What makes Milwaukee 48-01-6036 Sawzall Blades unique?
The unique NAIL GUARD™ and FANG TIP™ technologies offer unmatched cutting speed and durability.

Can these blades cut through metal?
Yes, they are effective for both wood and metal, including stainless steel sawzall blades.

Are these blades compatible with other saws?
They feature a universal tang, fitting all SAWZALLS® and standard competitive saws.

What is the lifespan of these blades?
They are designed for longevity, with bi-metal teeth preventing fracture.

How do I contact PuraVizion for more information?
Reach out via our contact page or call us at 585-319-9118 for personalized assistance.

Are there other blade options available?
Yes, explore options like the Milwaukee 48-00-5027 The Ax 12-Inch Blade.

Is there a warranty on these blades?
Please check our product page for warranty details.

How do I ensure I'm using the blades safely?
Follow the safety guidelines provided with the product.

Can I use these blades for detailed woodworking?
Yes, they are excellent for detailed and efficient wood cutting.

Where can I find more tools for my projects?
Visit our complete tools collection for a wide range of options.

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