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House of Troy T14-1 Traditional 2-Light Picture Light in Gold Finish

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Elevate your art display with the House of Troy Traditional 2-Light Picture Light. Designed to cast a soft, ambient glow, this elegant gold finish light fixture enhances the beauty of your artwork without overpowering it. Perfect for galleries, living spaces, or any area where art takes center stage, this classic and adjustable light ensures your cherished pieces are seen in the best light.

Product Descriptions:

  • Elegant gold finish enhances any decor.
  • Adjustable arm from 5" to 7" for optimal lighting.
  • Requires two 40-Watt T10 incandescent bulbs.
  • In-line switch on cord for easy use.
  • Dimensions: 14" wide with a 5" to 7" adjustable height.
  • Ideal for highlighting paintings, photos, and art.

Frequently Asked Questions for House of Troy Picture Light

Can the House of Troy Picture Light's brightness be adjusted?
While the light itself does not feature a built-in dimmer, using dimmable T10 bulbs with an external dimmer switch can adjust brightness.

Is the installation process for the House of Troy Picture Light complicated?
No, it's designed for easy installation with an in-line switch on the cord, making it straightforward to set up and use.

How does the House of Troy Picture Light enhance artwork?
Its gold finish and adjustable lighting highlight the details and colors of your artwork, adding depth and vibrancy.

Are the materials used in the House of Troy Picture Light durable?
Yes, it's made with high-quality metal, ensuring durability and a long-lasting finish to complement any decor.

What is the ideal placement for the House of Troy Picture Light?
It's best placed above your artwork to evenly distribute light across the piece without causing glare or reflections.

Can the House of Troy Picture Light be used with LED bulbs?
Yes, LED bulbs compatible with the T10 socket size can be used for energy efficiency.

What maintenance does the House of Troy Picture Light require?
Minimal maintenance is needed; just dust regularly to maintain its elegant appearance.

How do I choose the right size House of Troy Picture Light for my artwork?
The light should be approximately half to two-thirds the width of the artwork to ensure balanced illumination.

Where can I find more tools and other accessories for my home?
Explore our wide range of power tools and electronics to find the perfect brands and accessories for your space.

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