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House of Troy 2-Light Traditional Picture Light, Mahogany Bronze Finish

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Elevate your artwork with the elegance of the House of Troy T14-81 Classic Traditional Picture Light. Designed to highlight your most cherished pieces, this 2-light fixture in a rich mahogany bronze finish seamlessly blends with traditional decor.

Product Descriptions:

Elegant Mahogany Bronze Finish: Adds a touch of sophistication to any room.
Adjustable Lighting: Direct light exactly where you need it to enhance your artwork.
Easy Installation: Set up your new lighting fixture with minimal effort.
Energy Efficient: Utilizes two bulbs to provide ample lighting without excessive power consumption.
Dimensions: Perfectly sized for a variety of artwork.

Frequently Asked Questions for House of Troy Lighting

How do I install the House of Troy Picture Light?
Installation is straightforward, ensuring your artwork is illuminated beautifully in no time.

What type of bulbs does the T14-81 use?
This fixture is designed for energy efficiency, using two bulbs to cast the perfect light on your artwork.

Can the light direction be adjusted?
Yes, the light direction is fully adjustable, allowing you to highlight your art exactly as desired.

Is the House of Troy T14-81 suitable for all types of art?
Absolutely! Its classic design and adjustable features make it perfect for a wide range of artworks.

How does the Mahogany Bronze finish look in person?
The Mahogany Bronze finish is rich and sophisticated, adding a traditional touch to any space.

Are there any care instructions for the picture light?
Keeping your light in top condition is easy, requiring only occasional dusting with a soft cloth.

Can I use LED bulbs with this fixture?
Yes, LED bulbs can be used for energy efficiency and longevity.

Where is the best place to install the picture light?
Install it above your artwork to cast a flattering light, enhancing its features.

How can I contact customer support?
For any inquiries, feel free to reach out at 585-319-9118. We're here to help!

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