• Maverick Medical is an American distributor based out of Rochester, New York. We specialize in providing low-cost masks, face shield, and sanitizing equipment to people all over the country.
  • Maverick Medical accepts all cancellations and will issue a full refund on all cancelled orders, providing the order has not shipped.
  • Maverick Medical will accept returns and issue refunds on all orders returned within 2 days of purchase. Customer is responsible for return shipping.
  • The KN95 features elastic earloops, which provides firm fitting to the face for adults. KN95 masks are designed to be worn by adults. Children and toddlers should wear masks designed for children.
  • For wholesale inquiries, please email us at Maverickmedicalppe@gmail.com. 
  • In the United States, every state except South Dakota has enacted at least a partial mask policy, meaning the use of masks in public is required.