About us

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Maverick Medical LLC was founded in early 2020 as a response to a compelling community need. With the spread of COVID-19, ordinary household resources like toilet paper and hand sanitizer became valuable commodities and face masks went from a relatively unknown accessory to a compulsory piece of daily life. Unfortunately, hoarding, price gouging, and lack of supply became serious concerns.

Enter Rochester, New York-based entrepreneur Sean Kaupp. Seeing the need for high-quality, low-cost equipment in the community, he created Maverick Medical LLC with the belief that everyone should have access to these products for themselves and their loved ones. We make it our mission to supply you with the best masks, face shields, sanitizing equipment, and more at the cheapest price possible.

We offer free domestic shipping within the contiguous United States, and free same-day delivery to Rochester! Protect yourself without sacrificing your wallet with Maverick Medical!