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How contagious is the Delta Variant?

USA all time COVID-19 numbers.

The Delta variant of the virus causing COVID-19 or the B.1.617.2 variant was first identified in India, December 2020. This variant quickly became the dominant strain in the area and was attributed to the large increase in COVID-19 cases in both India and Great Britain. This variant is currently classified as a VOC or variant of concern with the first cases in America identified in March 2021. It has since spread across the world and has now become the dominant strain in the United states. Many attribute the resurgence in COVID-19 cases to the Delta variants rise and more contagious attributes. Biotechnology firms and governments are racing to gather data and see how different vaccines will stack up against new variants primarily B.1.617.2 the Delta variant. Early data from Johnson and Johnson trials show the vaccine doesn't perform favorable against the variant and has a lower level of coverage compared to vaccines such as Moderna and Pfizer. It's theorized that the Delta variant can cause large spikes in COVID-19 numbers due to a perceived lack of immunity to this specific variant. As of August 3rd 2021 165 Million Americans are fully vaccinated and 35.4 million americans have been diagnosed with a confirmed case of COVID-19. However it's likely that the diagnosed cases of COVID-19 in America pale in comparison to the true number of Americans infected with COVID-19. This is due to inadequate testing, denial, fear of testing, asymptomatic cases, fake news and overall miscommunications about COVID-19. With an estimated 250-300 million Americans already exposed to COVID-19 America should in theory be rounding the corner to herd immunity, so why are cases suddenly rising? Ealy data suggests that the Delta Variant is 40-60% more transmissible than Alpha (first discovered variant) and twice as transmissible as the original Wuhan Strain. Since most Americans were exposed to an alternative strain of the virus their immune systems haven't built immunity against this variant leaving them exposed. This is what scientist theorize is causing cases to rise in the United States. So what can you do?


1. Get Vaccinated

Getting vaccinated truly is the best way to stop the spread and I highly encourage all readers to schedule an appointment if they haven't already 

2. Wear a Mask

Make sure your masks are manufacture from an approved supplier at Maverick Medical all vendors are in strict accordance with the FDA's appendix A list. Shop our masks here 

3. Practice Social distancing when possible

4. Get tested for COVID-19 regularly 

5. Stay strong